No matter how much you keep up with maintenance or how much you invest in your air conditioner, eventually, your air conditioner will end up experiencing issues. Air conditioner problems can occur for a variety of reasons. These reasons include lack of maintenance, wear-and-tear, age, weather elements, rodents, and more. It is important to be able to recognize common issues so you can correct them before the problem gets worse. 

Most air conditioners are located in an area of your home that you may not visit on a regular basis. Therefore, it can be difficult to notice problems right away. With this in mind, it is a good idea to inspect your air conditioner at least once a month. Be sure to carefully read the information below and pay attention to the signs that signal a problem with your system. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call Meade HVAC for assistance. 

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On 

One of the most basic issues that can happen is that your air conditioner won’t turn on. You flip on the switch, hoping to feel cool air enter your home, and are met with disappointment. Stress and frustration may quickly set in, but this is actually a fairly common issue. Don’t fret because Meade HVAC can help you get your system back up and running so you and your family can relax in a cool and comfortable home. 


One of the most common reasons why your air conditioner may not turn on is because there is an issue with the power. If there is too much electricity flowing into your home, your circuit breaker may trip to protect your home from a fire. Then there will be no power flowing to your air conditioner and prevent it from turning on. 

Another reason why your air conditioner may not turn on is due to dirt and debris. If the filter, evaporator coil, or condenser lines get too dirty, it can hinder the efficiency of your entire system and cause it to shut down. Broken parts can also prevent your air conditioner from turning on. If just one component of your system is not functioning properly, it can affect your entire system. 


If the issue is a lack of power, the solution may be to simply reset the circuit breaker. If you have a blown fuse, call a professional electrician to help you resolve the problem. 

Regular maintenance is very important to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Be sure to schedule preventative maintenance from Meade HVAC two times per year. If your issue was not power-related, contact Meade HVAC for help cleaning and repairing your system. 

Dirty, Leaking, or Clogged Air Ducts

Your air ducts are an integral part of your HVAC system. They are responsible for transporting the conditioned air throughout your home. If they are dirty, leaking, or clogged, you may notice less efficiency, poor air quality, or a lack of comfort. While your air ducts don’t require maintenance as often as the main part of the unit, it is still important to pay attention to them and ensure they are cleaned and repaired when necessary. 


Dirt will build up in your air ducts over time no matter what. The most dirt your family tracks into your home, the faster it will accumulate. When debris builds up in your air ducts, it blocks the airflow. Then your system will have to run longer to cool your home. This lowers the efficiency of your system and causes your energy bills to rise. 

Leaks will also lower the efficiency of your system. When the conditioned air leaks out of the ducts, it is not making it into the living space to cool your home. Once again, your system will have to run longer to compensate and cost you more. 


Meade HVAC’s air duct cleaning service can help you ensure that your air ducts are clean and clear so that your air conditioner can run efficiently. Your air ducts should receive cleaning every 8-10 years. If you have pets or a messy family, you may want to get it done more often. If you find excess dust around your home, you may be due for a cleaning. The professionals at Meade HVAC have the tools and experience to get the job done right. 

If your air ducts are damaged or leaking we can also help you seal or replace certain sections if necessary. This way, you can help ensure that the cool air goes directly where you want it to.

Drainage Issue

Your air conditioner not only changes the temperature of the air in your home, but it adjusts the humidity as well. Once the moisture is removed from the air, it needs a place to go. Therefore, it goes to the condensate drain outside your home. However, if there is an issue with your system, you may notice a water leak inside your home.


If your condensate drain pan gets too full or shifts out of place, then the water can get backed up into your system or end up somewhere inside your home. A clogged drain line can also cause a water leak. If left unnoticed for long enough, it can start to damage your home as well as your belongings. This is yet another reason why it is a good idea to inspect your air conditioner and try to find problems on a regular basis. 


If you notice a leak or water where it isn’t supposed to be in your home, be sure to call on the professionals at Meade HVAC to ensure your air conditioner is fixed properly. We will help determine the source of the problems, then clean, repair, or replace any parts that are affecting the function of your system. It is best to rely on a professional HVAC contractor as making mistakes can lead to worse problems. 

Noisy System

Generally, air conditioners run relatively quietly. However, if your air conditioner has a problem, it can make a variety of different noises depending on what the cause is. Some common sounds that indicate a problem include banging, whistling, popping, crackling, humming, buzzing, squealing, rattling, and more. If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner, be sure to get it checked out sooner rather than later, the longer you let it go, the worse the problem may get. 


Generally, strange noises signify a broken, loose, or malfunctioning part. There are many different parts that all work together to help cool your home. Therefore, there are a variety of different ways a single damaged part can affect your system’s ability to function properly. This is why there is such a list of different sounds your air conditioner may end up making. 

Other than damaged parts, dirt and other debris getting into your system can also cause strange noises. Electrical issues should also be taken into consideration. 


Due to the fact that there are a variety of things that can do wrong, there are also a variety of fixes depending on the problem. That being said, it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact problem and then determine the best repair. However, the technicians at Meade HVAC are carefully trained; they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Let us handle your air conditioner so you can focus on other important matters. We will help make the process as easy as possible for you. 

Call Meade HVAC to Solve Your Central AC Problems

No matter what the problem may be, Meade can help you determine the best solutions for your home and HVAC system. We will work in a timely manner so you can forget the stress of having a broken air conditioner and get back to your daily routine.  

If it comes down to it, we can also help you find and install a replacement. By taking the time to discuss your family’s needs and carefully analyzing your home, we can match you with the best system for your situation.  With plenty of experience in the HVAC industry, excellent customer service, and high standards, you can trust Meade to help you keep your family comfortable all year round.