Winter is on the horizon and now is a great time to start thinking about preparing your HVAC system for winter. By taking time to perform some preventative maintenance you can help your HVAC system maintain its efficiency and last longer. You can also help prevent common HVAC problems that may arise during winter. 

The professionals at Meade HVAC in Chester Springs can also help you ensure that your HVAC system is running in tip-top shape. Below are some HVAC tips for winter as well as some common winter-related issues to look out for. 

Maintenance and Winter HVAC Tips

#1: Schedule Preventative Maintenance from Meade

Scheduling preventive maintenance with Meade is one of the best ways to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. When you schedule maintenance with Meade, they will perform various tasks that help keep your system running as efficiently as possible. 

Inspection – A trained HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your system and look for any issues. Preventative maintenance is important as it allows you to catch small issues before they turn into major problems. This helps your system last longer and helps you save more money over time. 

Cleaning – Your system needs to be clean to run efficiently. Cleaning your furnace allows the air to flow properly and helps you avoid mechanical issues with your HVAC system.

Adjustments – A certified Meade technician will make any necessary adjustments to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. This includes tightening any loose parts, adjusting the pressure, etc. 

Replacing Parts – If the Meade technician finds any broken parts, they will replace them with your permission. If you have any questions, they will answer them for you. 

Suggestions – Your Meade technician can also give you suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system or the comfort of your home. They can also give you some more HVAC tips for winter. 

#2: Change or Clean Your Air Filter

Your air filter is responsible for capturing dirt passing through your filter so that the dirt doesn’t damage the more sensitive components within your HVAC system. When the air filter gets clogged with dirt, it will have trouble capturing any other dirt passing through. Then the dirt that gets through can cause damage within your system.

The standard 1” filter should be changed on a monthly basis. Some filters can last longer based on quality and how much dirt your family tracks into your home. Yet, it is still a good idea to check your filter on a monthly basis. When the filter is covered in a layer of dirt, it is time to change or clean it.

#3: Add Some Insulation

Insulation helps keep your system warmer during winter so that you don’t run into cold-related issues. Some areas that you will want to insulate include the air ducts and refrigerant lines. Insulating your air ducts helps the air in your air ducts retain its heat so that warm air actually makes it into your home. Then your furnace does not have to work as hard to produce heat. Insulating your refrigerant lines helps protect them from condensation.

#4: Check Your Thermostat

You will also want to check your thermostat to ensure that it is working properly. Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. Therefore, if there is something wrong with your thermostat, then the rest of your system will experience issues.

Test your thermostat by setting it to different settings. First, try to turn it on. If it does not turn on check the circuit breaker and batteries. If this does not work, contact Meade HVAC for an inspection.

Then turn the temperature up a few degrees and see if your system runs. You can also test the temperature with a room thermometer. The actual temperature may vary by a few degrees, but if the temperature is significantly different, there may be a problem with your system. If you think that there is something wrong, contact Meade HVAC for assistance.

#5: Clean Up Around Your Outdoor Unit

If debris from trees and bushes gets into your outdoor unit, it can cause damage. Therefore, you will want to clean the area around your outdoor unit regularly to ensure that this debris does not damage your system.

#6: Clean the Vents and Air Ducts

Ensuring that your vents and air ducts are clean helps promote airflow. Be sure to go around your home and wipe down all the vents. If your air ducts have not been cleaned in 8-10 years, contact Meade HVAC to schedule a duct cleaning service. It is important to call on a professional to clean your air ducts as they have proper tools and training that allow them to reach more of the dust within your air ducts.

Common Winter HVAC Problems

  1. Iced-Up Heat Pump – If your heat pump gets iced up, and continues to run, it can suffer severe damage. Be sure to call on the professionals at Meade HVAC for help repairing and defrosting your heat pump.
  2. Frozen Pipes – Cold air that is below 32 degrees can cause your pipes to freeze. This can lead to them bursting and causing damage to your home. Insulate your pipes to help avoid this problem.
  3. Uneven Air Flow – Uneven airflow can be caused by a variety of issues from air ducts problems to blocked vents. Make sure that you don’t have any furniture blocking vents and that your air ducts are properly maintained. 
  4. Dirty Filter – If you neglect to change your filter for too long, it will become dirty and won’t trap dirt passing through. Then this dirt can cause damage to the more sensitive components of your HVAC system. 
  5. Broken Thermostat – If your thermostat stops working, the rest of your HVAC system will experience problems. Some common thermostat problems include lack of power, programming errors, dirt, and improper installation. 
  6. Broken Pilot Light – If your pilot light is faulty, dirty, or if there is a problem with the regulation of the gas, then you can experience issues with your pilot light. Winter drafts can also blow out the flame. 
  7. Carbon Monoxide Leak – Carbon monoxide leaks can be dangerous as it is a poisonous gas that is virtually undetectable to the human senses. Be sure to get a carbon monoxide detector to protect your family.

Winter Is On the Way, Get Your Heater Ready Today

By performing some preventative maintenance and keeping your eye out for common problems, you can keep your system running efficiently so that it will last longer. It will also help keep your family comfortable this winter. If you experience any issues Meade HVAC is ready to help you repair your heater, give you more HVAC tips for winter, or answer any questions you may have.