Now is The Time to Improve Your Home Comfort System.

Ready to enjoy the cool breezes of fall? The mercury has started to drop and with the chill comes the need to make sure your heating system is in top shape to face the 2020 fall and winter. Part of enjoying this season involves making sure your home is comfortable for everyone in any room. If you are looking for a new system don’t hesitate to act on these limited time deals.

How We’re Making a New System Possible for You

The uncertainties of 2020 have caught a lot of families off-guard. We think it’s our job to put forth the best possible offers to help you get back on track with your home comfort. We combine top quality systems with highly trained technicians to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Free Virtual or In-Home Estimate

Try our virtual estimate. We’ll hop on a video call with you and walk you through the process. Our virtual and in-person estimates are free of charge!

1 Year Preventative Maintenance

Our best-in-class system inspections come free of charge for your first year! This is a value greater than $200 and provides you with much needed peace-of-mind.

PA Energy Rebates – Up to $1000

Our high efficiency equipment often qualifies for PA energy rebates. You can benefit from those rebates depending on the type of system installed.

0% APR Financing for 72 Months

Special Rate of 0% APR with 72 equal monthly payments with qualifying credit. To learn more about your financing options, visit this page. Not eligible on all systems.

Special Trane and Mitsubishi Unit Rebates

Special rebates apply to the purchase of qualifying Trane or Mitsubishi Electric units — Not all units are eligible. Contact us for more information.

Tax Credits and Rebates – Up to $2,530

PA energy rebates operate on a first-come-first-served basis depending on fund availability. Get in early  to apply for this savings opportunity.

Redeem This Offer Now

We say this with no exaggeration – we’ve never been able to put together a seasonal deal like this before. We truly hope it helps you and your family. Please give us a call to find out how this can fit into your budget and schedule.

Which System is Right For You?

Determining the right system is a combination of mathematics, skill, and experience. Go too small and your system will overwork, reducing its lifespan. Go too big and you’ve overspent on a system that isn’t properly sized. Meade prides itself on finding the right system for you every time.

Step 1.

Get a virtual or in-person estimate

We provide comprehensive in-home estimates that involve home size and load calculations. We also analyze probable air flow throughout your house. This helps us identify the ideal system for your needs.

If you would prefer to maintain quarantine distance we can arrange for a virtual walk-through of your home using common technology like FaceTime and Zoom.

Step 2.

Approve Your System and Comfort Add-Ons

Based on our estimates we will give you our best recommendations on what we think is most efficient for your home. You’ll also have the chance to add any additional accessories or systems that you think would be useful. For example: smart home thermostats or air scrubber technology.

Step 3.

Schedule Your Minimum Contact Installation!

Our team maintains enhanced sterilization and social distancing standards when conducting our installations. We will reduce our contact with your family and your home to just the essentials as we complete our work. You’ll be surprised at how efficient and clean we can be!

Looking For a Tune-Up Instead of a System Replacement? We Can Do That Too!

If your system is making some weird noises, blowing warm air, or just needs a little TLC, you can rely on us for that as well. We are running the following discounted specials in order to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

$99 Heating System Inspection and Tune-Up

Let’s get you up and running! All hvac systems require routine maintenance and upkeep, and the older a system gets the more attention it needs. Allow us to come out, assess your system, and make the tweaks needed to get it running as best as possible.

We Continue to Take Your Health Seriously

Although restrictions against contact are loosening all the time, we will continue to be prudent and cautious when it comes to our work. We are upholding protocols to keep our employees sanitized and healthy and reduce the amount of contact we have with your family. Below are some of our protocols.

Sanitary Protocols

Virtual estimates

Medical grade gloves and boot covers

Sanitizing equipment after every job

Employee temperature checks every morning

No tool sharing policy

Minimal Contact Visits

Digital alert of impending technician arrival

Exterior access usage whenever possible

Social distancing during interior work

Text message job updates

Digital payment processing and receipt

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