Oil to Gas Conversions

Looking to lower your home’s heating costs? Convert your home to gas. Aside from saving money, you will also be saving the environment. Natural gas is the safest and cleanest energy source available for your home. When you make the switch to gas, you can connect multiple heating and cooling appliances.

Cheaper, Cleaner & Safer Energy for Your Home

Natural gas has proven to be a more affordable energy source than electricity, oil and propane. At Meade, we’re able to get gas furnaces we install running at up to 90% efficiency.

Gas is also the cleanest energy source. It will greatly  improve your indoor air quality. That means that family members with asthma or other respiratory issues reduce the chances of aggravation.

You can use gas to power your dryers, fireplaces, swimming pools and stoves. Gas will also save you money on services fees, as failures are far less likely to happen. And unlike oil, gas is instant.

If you’re after the safest source of energy for your family, then don’t look past gas. Converting to gas means that your family doesn’t have to worry about costly problems such as oil spills. Gas employs many safety mechanisms, meaning you have a secure source of energy.

Get Your Gas Conversion with a Local, Reliable & Honest Business

At Meade, we have 20+ years experience in serving Berks County. As such, we’re a brand name that you can trust. Being honest and reliable are the qualities we have built our reputation on for years. Contact us for your oil to gas conversion today.

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