Quality HVAC Repair and Maintenance in Media, PA

If you are looking for reliable HVAC services in Media, PA look no further than Meade HVAC. We offer excellent service from knowledgeable professionals at an affordable price. Whether you need maintenance, repair, installation, or just a consultation, we can help you find the best solutions to keep your home or business comfortable all year long. 

Our Services

Meade technicians are trained to work on a variety of HVAC systems. No matter what the size, brand, or system type, there is a good chance that a Meade professional will be able to help you. Some of the systems/equipment we service include:

  • AC Units
  • LP/Gas Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductwork
  • Thermostats
  • Air Quality Equipment
  • Tank and Tankless Water Heaters


Meade HVAC services both residential and commercial systems in the Media, PA area.

Heating Services

When there is a chill in the air, you want your family to be warm and cozy. Meade HVAC specializes in heater installation, heater repair, gas conversions, generators, and geothermal systems.

Cooling Services

On the other hand, when the summer heat is blistering, you want a cool and comfortable home to escape to. Air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance are just three of the main services Meade HVAC provides to the Media, PA area. We also do room add-ons and ductless systems.

Reasons to Choose Meade HVAC near Media, PA

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor like Meade HVAC can help you get your HVAC system back up and running safely and quickly. We will work hard to keep your system running as efficiently as possible so you can save your hard earned money and have some peace of mind. Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about Meade.